What shall I wear?

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Part 2 of the the bespoke fitting for DS

Continuing from the part one…(http://subskin.tumblr.com/post/92706070492)

Apart from the minor adjustments here and there, I am readjusting the collar  for a tighter fit around the neck of DS and ultimately for a better overall balance (mainly for the front panels of the jacket). After I have done that I decide to lift the back panels for the correct front to back balance of the jacket: tighter fitting collar lifted the front of the jacket and the back needed to be lifted as well to be balanced correctly. I will compensate the length of the jacket at the hem, front and back). 

This is a first commission by DS (second fitting) and everything that we adjust on the fitting garment will be also adjusted on DS’s paper pattern too. 

Part 3 to be continued…


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